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How To Start A Career in Child And Adolescent Counselling

While counselling may seem like a fairly new career to many of our readers, it is in fact fairly well-established in the UK. There are a wide variety of training courses available for people to learn how to start their careers and begin testing their skills. Though the world of child and adolescent counselling is slightly different from standard therapy. Of course, young people are far more vulnerable than adults when it comes to their mental health and this must be handled with care. So, how do you start a career in child and adolescent counselling? Keep reading this blog to find out more.

mother trying to comfort sad daughter

Why this form of counselling?

There is no question that counselling of any kind is an extremely rewarding profession. Put it this way, there aren’t many jobs where you help people every day. Therapy allows you to make a real difference in people's lives, which will not only leave you with a real sense of fulfilment, but it will also enrich your life as well. Counselling young people only carries on from this theme, with the difference being you can help young people build a great foundation for the rest of their lives. After all, what we are taught and what we experience in our younger lives shapes us as we mature.

A background working with young people

While it is not essential, a background of working in a school or perhaps volunteering a club may well be helpful. This kind of previous experience will showcase your passion for helping people and identify that you have the skills to interact with and help young adults and children. Certainly, if you are looking to go into this field of counselling, you should consider getting this kind of extra experience. Though this kind of experience is advised, it certainly is not essential and if you have just decided that you want a career change, then this is fine as well!

Specific training

There is no doubt that working with young people is far different from adults and you must be trained to deal with these specific challenges. Training to become a counsellor for young people will give you all of the skills which you need to effectively perform in this environment and ensure that you are offering the best possible therapy. Certainly, if you are thinking about this kind of role then you should strongly consider this form of training.

If you need any additional information about therapy training, then make sure you contact us today. We have many years in the industry and can certainly help you to kick-start your new and exciting career! What’s more, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible training service.


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