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Level 2 Foundation Counselling Course (5 Ofqual Credits)

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This is a great opportunity to take a level 2 counselling course as either a remote learning or classroom-based option. If you would like to expand your counselling skills, you can benefit from our level 2 counselling course online, from anywhere in the country.

Level 2 Foundation Course in Counselling Concepts

This is a Level 2 Foundation Course in Counselling Concepts, accredited with SEG Awards (The Skills & Education Group) and on the Ofqual framework. We provide remote learning for this course (via Zoom or similar), meaning you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Beyond this, you can also work face-to-face with our centre-based learning in Birmingham.

On successful completion, you will receive a certificate from SEG Awards.

We are an accredited counselling training provider and have been for over 20 years, so we know what it takes to succeed at your Level 2 Counselling Course. Our Level 2 Counselling Course is industry-recognised so the perfect next step in your training. Each of our training dates will be advertised to show which options are available.

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What sets us apart from other training providers?

A safe, enjoyable environment that provides a first-class learning experience

Unlike other training providers, we want to make sure that our students have the best learning experience. We recognise that, as this may be your first stage of training, you will want to have a full understanding of what counselling is, becoming a counsellor and all the challenges and stages involved. Our experts ensure these are understood in a safe, enjoyable environment where your specific requirements and needs are met. This is what makes our level 2 counselling course stand out from those offered by our competitors.

Consistent, professional support during all stages of your learning journey

One of our priorities is to provide a collaborative learning environment as part of our level 2 counselling concepts course. Regardless of whether you’re completing the level 2 training remotely or at one of our centres, you’ll always have a tutor present. They will assist your skills application and support you through your learning journey from the beginning of the course to its completion.

A host of benefits that includes free personal counselling sessions from level 4

Further on in your training, at level 4, we will provide most of your placement, offer you personal counselling for free and offer you seven free CPD events when you are at the Diploma level. We want to provide the best educational experience, which is why we maintain small classroom sizes to ensure enriched, personal learning.

Get started today, then progress to the L3 Certificate course, then the L4 Diploma to get fully qualified as a counsellor.

We keep class sizes small to provide you with a first-class training experience

We hold a solid reputation for delivering high levels of learning and qualifications, so we are the best choice to undertake your foundation counselling course with ease. Our Level 2 Counselling Course is one of the most popular ways to continue your education and expand your skills in the field. In 2023, we won the Leading Counselling Provider award, so you can trust us with your in-person or online Level 2 Counselling Course. Many learners choose us to begin their counselling journey and stay with us from qualification to practitioner level.

Those learners have the experiences, qualifications, depth of knowledge, skills and techniques to provide exceptional counselling services to clients in all kinds of different environments. We are extremely proud to see our trainees flourish, develop excellent levels of competency and to qualify as counsellors from their training with us.

Group of counselling students sat around a table with laptops, books and notepads

Are you ready to start your new path as a counsellor?

Begin your journey here at Key Counselling Training. This is the first stage of your journey and we are here to support you every step of the way. Read on for more information and to see the dates for this foundation counselling course.

You could also check out our CPD training for short specialist courses, to gain further knowledge and to meet more like-minded people who are embarking on their counselling training toward gaining a new career.

This national and international course provides recognised industry-accredited training and is available with both classroom-based and remote learning. For students learning remotely, you'll join us via Zoom (or similar), while face-to-face learning takes place in our Birmingham-based centre. Please be assured your tutor will always be present in the training with you.


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Course fees

Standard Study   - Evening Course

£400 per person (£50 deposit) with the option of paying the fees weekly or in two instalments as follows:

£35 per week x 10  weeks payable from week 1

2  payment of £175 payable from week  2 (week 6)

Fast Track

£400  per person (£50 deposit) with the  option of paying the fees weekly or in two instalments as follows

£70 per week x 5 weeks payable from week 1

2 instalments on week 2 and week 5  of £175


The deposit secures your place on the training and is non-refundable. For instalment payments, please scroll down.

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Face to face in a centre & remote options available

You have a choice on whether you attend the level 2 counselling course online or complete the training in person.

This is the L2 awards course for you to learn all the fundamental counselling skills you need to know, enhance your communication skills and is ideal if you want to add a recognised accredited qualification to your CV. You do not need to have any prior qualifications to enrol on this course, however you must be 16+.

Enrolment information

To enrol you will need to pay the deposit, half fee or full fee.  For instalments, scroll down

£50 deposit

£200 half fee

£400 pay in full

To start your amazing counselling training and journey to qualification, book your place and enrol now.  The deposit is non refundable

Course will include:

Unit 1: The Professional Context of Counselling

Unit 2: Communication Skills in Helping Relationships

Unit 3: An Introduction to Personal Development

You will have 3 small assignments for this course. We will teach you everything you need to know in order for you to complete the assignments.  You will be given an extensive workbook with all the information needed. For your practical learning, you will have skills feedback sheets to evidence your practical skills and to map your development. 

At this level, you will start to experience some personal development, and this course aims to provide you with all of the necessary learning to move on to intermediate level 3, which is the certificate level.

How will you be assessed?

There are no formal exams for this course, your pass is based on your assessments and development throughout the training. You will have plenty of time to complete each assignment with the support and guidance of your tutor. We expect approximately 1 - 2,000 words per assignment, and these to be written or typed using English language, and full sentences.  You will gain a level 2 award in counselling concepts from this training. 


The constructive feedback you get from any written work is extensive and aims to support you to pass.

Who is this course for?

Our learners arrive with us from all walks of life, from those who are looking to kickstart their career to those who are wanting to change theirs. We’ve had learners from backgrounds in admin, teaching, support work and retail, to name just a few! The level 2 counselling course covers an overview of four counselling theories and you will learn all of the skills a counsellor uses. It will teach you more effective ways to communicate, as well as provide personal development.

Standard Study: 10 weeks (one evening per week)

Course time: 6:15pm-9:15pm

Either centre-based or remote learning         

Fast track: 6 weeks (one evening per week)

Course time: 9:30am-2:30pm

Either centre-based or remote learning

The course will always be on the same day and time whether it is centre based or via remote learning.

Course delivery

Remote learning is provided via  Zoom or similar platforms, and your tutor will contact you prior to starting to send you the link to join the learning. This can be day or evening training, depending on the course.

Standard Study is evening training at a centre or via remote learning, depending on the course.

Course dates for Level 2 Counselling Concepts training

Monday 9th September 2024   Eve  Remote x 10 weeks  ( ends 11th Nov)

Monday 16th September 2024  F/T Remote x 6 weeks   ( ends 21st Oct) 

Thursday 7th November 2021 F/T

Remote x 6 weeks  (ends 12th Dec)

Tuesday 21st January 2025  Eve   Remote

x 10 weeks  ( ends 25th March) 

​Subject to any changes 

Enrol now

Reserve your place now. Places are limited.

To pay your deposit using debit/credit card, use the button below. The deposit is non refundable as this secures you a place. After the initial deposit,  fast track learners  weekly instalments are £70 payable week 1 onward

For evening learners the weekly instalments are £35 payable week 1 onward.


Supported payment methods:

Mastercard, Visa, Google Pay, and American Express payment options
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Talk to us about our courses

If you have any questions about the Level 2 Foundation Counselling Course, which is the foundation to build on for further training, or any other counselling course we provide, contact our team today and they will be able to help. Start your learning journey with Key Counselling Training and achieve a valued and rewarding career.

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