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Working with Sensitive/Highly sensitive Clients

HSP and CPD.

Working with Sensitive Client Training HSP event

There are people who are sensitive to both noise and or light and these clients may have what is known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS ) which would likely mean that they are sensitive to both internal and external stimuli. These types of individuals have a more acute awareness of what is happening within them and around them, which can mean a client is more emotionally charged, fearful and anxious.

How to work with sensitive individuals is a relatively new research phenomenon, so we are delighted to invite you to attend this CPD to gain lots of strategies and interventions that have proven to work and make a difference within the therapeutic relationship.

The next date available for this CPD event is Sunday 21st July 2024 —  2 PLACES LEFT 

Time: 9.30am – 1.30pm (remotely via Zoom)

Cost: £45 per person

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Book a CPD workshop and event

Remember – CPD training is available to both qualified counsellors and those with a general interest in such a career. If you have any questions or want to enrol, email us today.

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