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CPD Training Courses & Workshops

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training courses are offered remotely, usually on a Sunday morning for up to 4 hours. They are taught by experienced industry specialists whose knowledge and approachability is likely to be unmatched. Our specialists are always willing to share their exceptional skills and expertise in specialist learning.

CPD training in Birmingham and Devon

Key Counselling Training offers CPD training courses all year round to anyone who is interested in enhancing their skills, knowledge and techniques in the field of counselling. Even if you’re new to the topic or simply have a personal interest in it, we encourage you to enrol on one of our high-quality CPD courses - you will have a great day learning, developing and networking with like-minded individuals.

Our CPD training is available to counsellors of all abilities and experience levels, whether you’re just starting out in this field of work or have been a qualified counsellor for many years. Our training days are created to enhance your skills as a counsellor and cover a large array of topics ranging from motivational interviewing to substance abuse.

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A smiling counsellor addressing a large group of people with a microphone in her hand

Effective counselling starts here

Continued professional development is designed to help you become a more competent and effective counsellor. Our CPD training sessions don’t only encourage this, but they also provide a fun, interesting day of sharing ideas, learning about new topics and meeting new people within the counselling sector.

CPD training certificates are a requirement for membership to the National Counselling Society and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Currently, all qualified counsellors must complete approximately 30 hours of CPD training per year. Key Counselling Training provides all enrollees on our Level 4 Diploma course with access to seven CPD training days completely free. Get in touch today to find out more.

Book a CPD workshop and event

Remember – CPD training is available to both qualified counsellors and those with a general interest in such a career. If you have any questions or want to enrol, email us today.

CPD counselling training

Discover how you can progress your professional development as a valued counsellor by booking one of our highly regarded CPD online courses. Our experienced tutors are on hand to provide you with all the knowledge you need.

Are you just getting started as a professional counsellor or looking to specialise in a certain area of counselling? Check out the additional courses we offer here at Key Counselling Training to see which will suit your needs.

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