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Which CPD Course Is Right For Me

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential for all workforces. Society is constantly evolving and therefore, our professional abilities need to be constantly tested and improved in order to keep up. As a counsellor, you’ll often be dealing with a wide range of people that have their own individual lives, backgrounds and stories and should therefore be treated as such. Without access to CPD, you are limiting your professional capabilities and preventing yourself from being the best counsellor possible.

CPD training courses are a great way to meet your minimum CPD hours, meet new people and keep learning. However, with such a vast range of CPD courses available, it can be difficult to know where to start and which ones will benefit you the most.

This is your guide to CPD courses and how you can make the most of them.

What are CPD training courses?

Many counselling training programmes offer CPD training courses. They are available all year round and help counsellors enhance their skills, knowledge and techniques within the field of counselling. There is a wide array of courses to get involved in, so even if you have only just begun learning about the topic or you have a personal interest in it, you could really benefit from taking a CPD course surrounding that topic. The CPD training course will be a great day of learning, developing and networking with like-minded people.

CPD courses are available to counsellors of all abilities and experience levels. Whether you have just begun or you have been a qualified counsellor for many years, CPD training courses can help counsellors of all levels. They are designed to enhance your skills as a counsellor and cover a large array of topics from bonding and attachment to eating disorders. 

Why take CPD councillor courses

To be a member of the National Counselling Society and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, you are required to have CPD training certificates. All qualified counsellors must complete approximately 30 hours of CPD training courses per year. If you are an enrollee on our Level 4 Diploma course, we provide access to seven CPD training days completely free.

But CPD courses don’t need to feel like a chore. They are designed to help you become more confident, competent and effective in your profession as a counsellor. Not only will you learn a lot of new things on one of our CPD courses, but you will also have fun. You will share ideas, learn new topics and meet new people in the counselling sector. Helping you to gain industry contacts and make friends.

Take a look at the available CPD courses from Key Counselling Training below:

Bonding & attachment

Attachment is a deep-rooted bond that affects every aspect of our lives. As we grow up, we can begin to see how these effects contextualise in our daily lives, whether this be positive or negative. Attachment can also impact our bonds with other people in our lives and is a significant reason many people want to engage in counselling. CPD training for bonding and attachment can give you a greater understanding of attachment theories and links to child and adult behaviours. This can help you work better with clients by recognising difficulties that emerge and how to connect deeper with attachment issues.

Conflict resolution

Difficulties in relationships between two people can be hard to resolve. However, conflict resolution equips you with the skills to navigate conflict and provide a peaceful solution to disagreements. CPD conflict resolution training will allow you to learn a step-by-step approach to assessing risks and interventions. If you regularly work with couples or family systems, this is a key dynamic to master. This CPD training can help you to better understand how to approach conflict and discuss how and when to intervene. You can then go on to understand how to apply these concepts and models to various conflicts.

Developing core strengths

This CPD event is ideal for personal development and can help you to guide clients to greater confidence and self-esteem. It is developed to help you recognise internal strengths and which areas need developing as well as provide you with the necessary vocabulary to discuss their strengths. You will be able to gain the insight and understanding to see which situations in life cause them issues and which ones create joy. You can then use this information to leverage change.

Gay affirmative therapy

A CPD course for gay affirmative therapy equips you with the right tools to work with LGBTQ clients and explore and understand their needs and the difficulties they face including prejudice exposure and rejection issues. If you want to further your understanding of cultural and societal diversity, this is the ideal CPD course to help you work with people who deal with oppression. You will learn language issues, barriers, communication errors and how to authentically connect with clients from this community.


Hypnosis helps clients achieve a heightened state of awareness that is sometimes called a trance. It uses guided relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention. Hypnotherapy is challenging so it is always beneficial to learn more about the topic and how you can improve your hypnotherapy service. 

Hypnotherapy is helpful for clients who experience:

  • Phobias, fears, and anxiety

  • Stress

  • Sleep disorders

  • Post-trauma anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief and loss

During your CPD training course for hypnotherapy, you will learn how to use hypnotherapy and induce trance in order to apply it to your work with clients.

Imposter syndrome

Many people experience imposter syndrome, even ourselves. This is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their skills, talents or accomplishments and believes they will be exposed as a fraud. Specific learning in your CPD training will help you to recognise, diagnose and work with those who present with this issue and difficulty. 

Techniques to help cure phobias

Phobias are a common issue that many counsellors will have to deal with at some point or another. At this CPD training event, you will engage in an interactive course where participants will learn the causes and symptoms as well as how to apply the technique to help cure phobias. By attending this course you are equipping yourself with what it takes to help others, whether it's dealing with spiders, flying, dentists or deep water.

Looking to start a private practice?

If you’re planning on starting your very own private practice, a CPD course can help you learn the skills to be successful. This is also ideal for experienced practitioners looking to increase their client base. This CPD training will bridge the gap from beginner to experienced practitioner and get you on your way to feeling knowledgeable and successful. The content of the CPD course will cover marketing, overcoming obstacles, and developing successful business strategies. By the end of the event, participants will have identified the steps they need to take to begin or improve their practice and have an individual plan.

Understanding eating disorders

Focusing on the different types, signs and symptoms of eating disorders, this CPD training course will help you work with clients who have eating disorders and recognise the signs and symptoms in those who haven’t been diagnosed. In the course, we will review nutritional food groups as well as memory impairments and brain activity. Because eating disorders can be serious, it is important to be able to recognise the signs and provide the right support and guidance for the client. Eating disorders can affect a person’s physical and mental health and can, in some cases, be life-threatening. This training will give you some in-depth understanding of different nutritional groups and their importance for a healthy balance as well as causes of eating disturbances.

Enhance Your Abilities with Key Counselling Training

At Key Counselling Training, we want to make every counsellor the best they can be. That’s why we provide an extensive amount of CPD training courses, from imposter syndrome to hypnotherapy, we can help you hone your skills and continue improving so that you can provide the best counselling. We even offer 7 free CPD courses when you enrol in a Level 4 diploma counselling course. To learn more about our CPD courses as well as our other services such as counselling supervision training, get in touch today.


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