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Is Counselling Training And a Therapy Career Right For You?

Over the past few decades, more and more research has been published about the effectiveness of therapy and counselling. There is no doubt that, when counselling is done right, it can have a variety of positive effects on people. Whether they suffer from depression or struggle with anxiety therapy is often a great option to try and relieve some of this pressure. For many counselling remains a service, but for a few people, they see more in it than just that. In fact, there are many people across the globe that see therapy as the right career for them. So, keep reading this blog to find out more!

Counsellor making notes talking to patient

The drive to help

Counselling is, at its heart, a career for people who want to help. After all, this is often how people are drawn to the role. If you find yourself wanting to help people and have a strict set of morals, then counselling may well be for you. Certainly counselling is a great option if you are someone who loves to help others as this will be your day-to-day job. More often than not, you will simply sit and listen to people's thoughts and concerns, offering the occasional thought of your own. So, if you identify with helping others, then you should seriously consider a career in counselling.


While counselling is not all about responsibility, there is a large proportion of the role that requires you to be trustworthy and a safe pair of hands. Therapy methods are not a guarantee and no counselling service offers the complete promise that people's issues will be fixed. In fact, therapy is often a lifelong journey, as it reflects the highs and lows of our lives. Though, with all of this, comes a great deal of responsibility, as you will be listening and hearing other people's concerns and struggles throughout the day. So, if you are someone who deals with listening and helping people, then therapy may well be the right choice for you.


To become a counsellor, you will need to have some industry-specific training. This training is often extremely rewarding and will teach you how to best help people and when you should offer your own words in a conversation. So, if you thrive in this environment and you love to learn new skills, then you should check out some counselling courses.

Here at Key counselling training, we offer a wide range of therapy courses so you can learn the ropes of your new and exciting career. We are experts in the industry and can certainly help you with your concerns. So, get in touch with us today and speak with our staff about the training programmes we have!


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