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Do You Know The Top 5 Most Common Phobias In The UK?

A phobia is an overwhelming anxiety or fear around a certain situation, object, place or animal Often treated with CBT or counselling, phobias are more pronounced than fears, and can be irrational or extreme. People’s phobias can limit their daily tasks and cause anxiety and depression. Keep reading to find the 5 most common phobias in the UK.

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Acrophobia is the fear of heights, and the number one phobia in the UK. Nearly 37% of the population are very afraid of being high up. A person with Acrophobia will experience intense anxiety when they think of tall heights or are high up, potentially resulting in panic attacks.

Some people mistake Vertigo for Acrophobia, however, Vertigo is a symptom that causes dizzy spells, rather than a fear of heights.


This is the fear of public speaking. While it can be daunting for anyone to speak in front of an audience, people who have Glossophobia will have severe anxiety towards the idea and possibly go into a panic.

Often, the idea of failing or making a mistake puts pressure on the idea of public speaking, creating this atmosphere of intense apprehension for some people.


The dreaded fear of tight spaces, claustrophobia is a fear of enclosed or tight spaces. In extreme cases, claustrophobic people wearing clothes that are too tight can experience panic attacks.

Claustrophobia affects 23% of the British population, causing them to often lose concentration and getting overwhelmed about being in closed spaces.


This is the well known fear of spiders. 31% of the UK suffer with this, and it can often be caused by a negative past experience. Specific fears such as arachnophobia often occur before the age of 10.

It can cause a crippling anxiety disorder that may need CBT treatment or counselling.


This is the overwhelming fear of snakes, that about 52% of the UK has! This phobia may be associated with Herpetophobia, which is the fear of reptiles in general.

Fear of snakes is often related to the level of danger they propose. Those with Ophidiophobia may find their anxiety and stress very difficult to manage.

Do You Think You Have A Phobia?

If you feel as though you are suffering with a phobia that is impacting your mental health and day to day life, seeking treatment may be an effective way to combat this. Treatments such as medication and talking therapies are often recommended. Or you could seek help through your GP to get referred to a specialist.

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